Write a compound sentence example

Sloths are not good pets, for they can be difficult to take care of. However, take note that the linking word affects the relationship of the given ideas. She only wears pastel colors; she does not like anything too bold.

She said the food is ready to serve; it was the best thing he heard that night. Everyone was busy at lunch, so I ate alone. If you use a comma, it will result in a run-on sentence.

Compound Sentence Examples

I accept donations; any amount will be greatly appreciated. The following are examples of compound sentences joined by a conjunction and a semicolon: The photographer held up a toy, and the little girl laughed. Just be careful not to get carried away and write long rambling sentences.

My brother is an excellent singer; as a matter of fact, he leads a musical band. He did not have a car, nor did she. Her dedication to her passion was undeniably impressive; as a result, she was given an award that recognized her service.

A Space Odyssey "Government does not solve problems; it subsidizes them.

Compound Sentences Examples

Compound Sentences in Quotes Here are examples of compound sentences used by well-known people: They wanted to go to Italy, for they wanted to see Venice. With the help of these methods and given examples, we hope that you will already be able to compose your own compound sentences with more understanding of what it is about and more variety this time around.

Compound Sentence — Usage and Examples

The night sky is clear; the moon is shining and the stars are twinkling. Contact Us Compound Sentence — Usage and Examples Anyone trying to learn the English language knows how difficult it can be to write proper sentences. A comma should always be added after the transitional expression.

The guy did not speak during the walk nor did the girl. If a semicolon is used, it may or may not have a conjunctive adverb. There were white out conditions in the town; the roads were impassable. I really want to go to work, but I am too sick to drive. This is a very common error that most of us would commit and that is why you should make sure to keep in mind the formula while writing this method of writing compound sentences which is: In most cases, a comma is required before the coordinator.

The couple was frustrated with each other, yet they were holding hands while walking anyway. The shorter the sentences are, then the easier it is for information to be received and relayed. She works two jobs to make ends meet; at least, that was her reason for not having time to join us.

Compound Sentences with a Semicolon She cooked dinner; he prepared the table. I want hamburgers and fries, but Serena wants pizza and pasta. A simple sentence expresses a complete thought and contains a subject and a verb. My husband was working, so I went shopping. A transitional expression is not either a coordinating or a subordinating conjunction.

He is the best businessman in the corporate world; additionally, he is also active in the music scene.Compound Sentences Examples. A compound sentence is made up of two or more simple sentences joined with a conjunction.

Notice that there are some key characteristics of a compound sentence. A simple sentence may have a compound subject, meaning more than one, but it is still considered a simple sentence.

An example is: “Jose and Brittany are getting married.” A simple sentence can also have a compound verb, like: “Meaghan makes her bed and brushes her teeth every morning. A compound sentence is a sentence that has at least two independent clauses joined by a comma, semicolon or conjunction.

An independent clause is a clause that has a subject and verb and forms a. Compound-complex sentences are very common in English, but one mistake that students often make is to try to write them without having mastered the simple sentences, compound sentences, and complex sentences first.

If this is a confusing lesson, return to it later after completing the next three lessons (Lessons Six, Seven, and Eight). One advantage of compound sentences is that you can build more detail into your writing.

Just be careful not to get carried away and write long rambling sentences. YourDictionary definition and usage example. A compound sentence may be about one subject that discusses two different things, two different subjects that are doing the same thing or two different subjects doing two different things.

Example: I fell out of my bed, so my roommate came to check on me.

Write a compound sentence example
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