Ways of overcoming difficulties when promoting anti discriminatory practice in in health and social

It is important that children are not treated the same, but they are treated with dignity and respect. A convention is agreements between different states to try to overcome a particular problem, this is like a treaty only less formal.

So for anyone who feels as though any of their rights have been violated then they can go to court about how they feel their rights have been violated. This can sometimes be difficult as it can cause conflict.

It tells us about what is necessary for a health care support worker or an adult social care worker in England must do when the treat or look after anyone.

If you want to part a full essay, commit it on our website: Also, if somebody else was vegetarian, then you would provide them with a vegetarian lunch. Firstly, you can directly challenge cusss or other professionals who you believe are showing discriminatory practice.

In this blog I will be looking at the health care system. Some weaknesses of this is that it can be hard to prove that discrimination has taken place in the first place. This is a way that promoting equality can be difficult, but to ensure that it is, the staff need to be trained to deal with stressful purposes, even when a resident is being awkward, as the residents have equal rights and opportunities.

Another problem that could happen in a care home is if a resident is not very friendly, and a staff member do not get along with them, so they do not help them as much as they do the other residents. The service user is to make their own choice and if they do not make the choice you wanted them to you must make sure that you respect their decision.

So you are treating these two people differently, but giving them both the opportunity to have lunch. This bring forth the bounce make service users feel unworthy and burn down sincerely lower their confidence and self esteem.

As it stands at the moment both go through and are entitled to appeal through the same legal process although their crimes are so different and the degree of criminality is so different.

One problem that can occur when treating the children equally is that if a child needs special attention, then by including that child, and helping them, it is then excluding the other children, and they may not get the attention they might need.

It also shows effectiveness as there has been less cases going through the tribunal system, so it shows the Equality Act has helped tackle discrimination at all levels. The five words are… Understanding.

The main forms of support that might be needed are advice and guidance, medical and care planning information, physical support e. First of all, in health and social care it is likely tha t you are going to come across differently workers and professionals that are showing discrimination to certain service users.

In health and social perplexity, it is cardinal to be cathexisful with what you say and do. This is from the Every Child Matters Guidelines. Effectiveness Eileen Shepherd wrote an article in about the new code of conduct.

Abu Hamza when it cost millions of pounds to get him deported out of the country if we did not belong to the European convention of human rights we could have done it quicker and cheaper. But if another child could not feed themselves then you would help them to eat their lunch.

Social workers, Community mental health nurses, occupational therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors and community support workers should all be made available to someone who needs mental health support. Anti-discriminatory practice is very important in society as it is used to overcome prejudice whilst promoting equality; to help with this National Initiative began with the three main initiatives being; conventions, legislations and regulations.

This is the criteria I will be meeting… P4-Explain how national initiatives promote anti-discriminatory practice on those who use health or social care services. You should also promote the service users rights, choices and well-being this can be done in many ways.


It is important to have a code of conduct as it gives people in the professional setting know the attitude they should have and how they should act in the care setting that they are in.

The European convention of human rights is amazing for us living in the UK or anywhere else in Europe as it means we are able to have freedom in what we do and how we do things.

Code of conduct The code of conduct is a set of rules outlining the social norms and rules and responsibilities in a work place, for an individual or for certain practices to follow.Therefore it will be difficult to promote anti-discriminatory practice in this particular area of care settings.

This can be overcome by teaching young children about different races and ethnic groups. Ways of overcoming difficulties. Anti discriminatory practice is promoted in health and social care by having a anti-harassment policy. D2 Justify Ways Of Overcoming The Difficulties That May Arise When Implementing Anti-Discriminatory Practice In Health And Social Care Settings.

Promoting. Justify Ways of Overcoming the Difficulties That May Arise when Implementing Anti-Discriminatory Practice in Health and Social Care Settings 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Rating (3 Votes) Anti-discriminatory practice is promoted by treating all the children fairly, regardless of their race, gender, religion or way of living.5/5(3).

Anti-discriminatory practice Closely allied to Inclusion is the need for anti-discriminatory practice. Discrimination is often the underlying cause behind lack of inclusion. May 12,  · D2- Justify ways of overcoming difficulties that may arise when implementing anti-discriminatory practices in health and social care.

The understanding of national initiatives and the promotion of anti-discriminatory practice comes in. There are many difficulties that can arise when implementing anti discriminatory practice in health and social care settings, this include; 1.

If care providers don’t understand the importance of promoting anti-discriminatory practice.5/5(1).

Ways of overcoming difficulties when promoting anti discriminatory practice in in health and social
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