The role of trade union history essay

Expansion of Union Activities: Strike directly suspends production, cuts the creation of profit, cut off the employer from the market, may lose the source of materials and fixed charges such as interest, taxes and salaries for officials continue to be incurred during the strike period.

AITUC which is affiliated to Communist Party of India is considered to be the second largest federation of trade unions with over 26 lakh members. Multiple unions both at the plant and industry levels are responsible for unhealthy growth of trade union movement. The management should be penalised for victimisation of members of unions and also for adopting unfair practices to discourage members from joining unions.

The leadership to these unions was provided mostly by social reformers, careerists and politicians-cum nationalists. Though the number of unions and union membership are increasing, average membership is inadequate. Unions must put a joint front. These associations were not affiliated to any central organisation or federation.

Trade unions employ certain tactics to deal with the management. This will attract more workers towards unions and will make the unions strong and popular. Another union benefit is that union workers are much more likely to secure guaranteed pensions than are non-unionized workers.

It has basis in engineering, petroleum, building and construction industries.

The Role of Trade Unions in Industrial Relations

There is very little trade union activity in small scale sector, agricultural sector and domestic sector. Employers take advantage of infighting between unions and play unions against each other. The provisions of the Act are divided into eight sections namely: Essay Tactics of Trade Union: Some employers view the collective bargaining agreement as a necessary evil, but you should view it as a way to save your company the time and money of having to negotiate wages, wage increases and benefits on your own.

Essay on Trade Union: Top 13 Essays

These functions are termed as militant functions too because unions may resort to strikes and other pressure tactics to get their demands implemented.

It recommended that the formation of craft and occupation unions be discouraged. By ensuring fair wages and benefits, labor unions help keep the membership content, and workers who are satisfied with their jobs are more likely to work hard, instead of looking for a quick way to exit your company.

Union members earn an estimated 30 percent more in wages than do non-unionized workers, and 92 percent of unionized workers have health insurance, compared to only 68 percent of non-unionized workers.

Many a times, the employers refuse recognition to trade unions under the contention that unions consist of only a small number of workers or because of multiplicity of union. In the process, they do more harm than good to the cause of unionism as a whole.

Although membership has declined over the past 35 years, in So the commission recommended that these persons be treated as inside members of a union.

Absence of Paid Office Bearers: The unions raise funds in the form of subscription from members and spend them for the welfare of workers.

Trade unions Act encourages a small sector of workers to form separate unions. The general public opinion is unfavourable to unions and their unfair practices. If discussions and meetings do not help in resolving these issues then unions use strike and other pressures as tools in getting these demands accepted.

The socialists later formed Hind Mazdoor Panchayat H. Many unions in India undertake only limited welfare activities. These functions include provision of educational, recreational and housing facilities.

A number of nationalist leaders like C. Under such circumstances, trade unionism cannot be expected to make much progress and outside political leaders exploit the situation to serve their own personal agenda. As a result, public support or sympathy is not available to the unions.

The Royal Commission observed as early as in that the fact that unions consist of only a minority of employees is not adequate reason for with-holding recognition.

Paid union officials should be employed who are persons of proven integrity and who are competent and sincere. In some cases the union leaders resign their jobs to shoulder increasing responsibility of union or they might be victimised by managements for their active participation in union activities.

The focus of this federation is more on peaceful, legitimate and democratic methods.Essay # Meaning of Trade Union: Over the years, trade unions have emerged as an essential feature of industry in every country.

The main reason for their emergence is the factory system and capitalistic society. • A trade union is an organization of workers formed to promote, protect and improve through collective action the social, economic and political interests of its members • A trade union is an organization whose membership consists of workers and union leaders, united to protect their common interest.

Executive Summary In this report the role of trade unions in the United States is compared with those in eighteen other OECD countries using. Trade unions, also known as labor unions, have been an important part of the American labor movement since Although membership has declined over the past 35 years, inmillion U.S.

Trade Unions essays"A trade union is an independant self-regulating organization of workers created to protect and advance the interests of its members through collective action." Over recent years, it has become fashionable in many quarters to write off Britain's trade unions, to.

The importance of trade unions Introduction The origins of unions’ existence can be traced back to the 18th century, when the rapid expansion of industrial society attracted women, children and immigrants to the work force in large numbers.

The role of trade union history essay
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