The overman

Another characteristic used to describe an overman originated in his earlier work, The Birth of Tragedy. Therefore he can redeem himself and thus be willing to repeat the same life again. To Nietzsche, Dionysian is profoundly irrational rather than negatively or stubbornly irrational.

This should suggest that an overman is someone who can establish his own values as the world in which others live their lives, often unaware that they are not pregiven.

That means one must realise and accept his own Dionysian nature and use it appropriately. One will then feel content and happy with the life that may be so questionable. The Apollonion views an individual as separate from other reality and hence can be viewed dispassionately with rationality.

Several interpretations for this fact have been offered. However, it is usually the case that when the Apollonion principle mixes the Dionysian, The overman tends to suppress the Dionysian.

In his final years, Nietzsche began to believe that he was in fact Polish, not German, and was quoted as saying, "I am a pure-blooded Polish nobleman, without a single drop of bad blood, certainly not German blood".

As a result, the Dionysian principle is expressed in a destructive way. He views that emotion is natural. It can then be seen that his value is highly placed upon the concept of Dionysus and therefore he praised the Greek civilisation where a lot of creativity took place even more than in present society.

On comparison to Aristotle who views that the most desirable state of a person is a philosopher who contemplates, Nietzsche viewed traditional philosophers during his time as people who did not really affect the real world outside and usually their traditional philosophical works were merely self confession.

Napolean who is highly admired by Nietzsche may be seen as an example here since he changed and created orders in Europe. The reduction of all psychology to physiology implies, to some, that human beings can be bred for cultural traits. This action nearly kills Zarathustra, for example, and most human beings cannot avoid other-worldliness because they really are sick, not because of any choice they made.

Part of other-worldliness, then, was the abnegation and mortification of the body, or asceticism. This is shown in the context of power used to exclude desires of others that is in conflict to his, power that is used to achieve what they desire. He consequently urges for revaluation of traditional values such as, the supression of emotion, the wholeheartedly devoted rationalism.

Joyce makes Buck Mulligan say it: She believes we must invest in transportation infrastructure, smart planning, job growth, and education to support strong families and healthy communities. This essay will attempt on seeing through, as much as possible, the idea of overman by Nietzsche and life from the point of view of an overman.

By applying her professional expertise to help support fiscal responsibility in government, Kimberly found a love of and dedication to community service.

From my point of view, Nietzsche must have treated art as something higher than ordinary, mass-conventional logic and rationality such as that in science for he admired creativity and beauty in art above all things.

This is exactly what should happen to a good artist on creating his work of art.Overman definition, a foreman, supervisor, or overseer.

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The overman
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