The changes in joshs character in promises in the wind a novel by irene hunt

Bessie- A waitress who listens to Josh play the piano while heading to Louisiana. Most everything caught on fire. She returned to working for public schools in Illinois to become a director of language arts. The two soon become fond of each other and fall in love.

Blegan, a dwarf who also made rude remarks. A couple found Josh along the road and notified Lonnie through a piece of paper Josh had in his wallet. This is called Panhandling. She was born on May 18, in Pontiac, Illinois. Howie plays the banjo, while Joey sings, and they earn enough money to eat.

Does not have many friends at the carnival. They climb out of there window one night and run away. The book is set induring the Great Depression. The boys and Lonnie sought out Pete Harris and the carnival.

Joey Grondowski- The youngest in the family and the brother of Josh and Kitty, Joey is 10 years-old and the one whose singing helped them survive. He is a kind person and always looked out for the boys and Emily.

They grow up and experience the hard reality of the human condition in a hard time for the United States. His dad thinks that Josh feels special because he has a job and should get another potato.

Lonnie lost a child named David who would be as old as Josh, if he were alive. They decide to jump the train instead of staying there. After rehearsal, they go to their music room to play. The Belgans said that Pete Harris was a fool to take on her children and a clown. Charley got them through the harsh times.

Treats the boys to dinner. No Promises in the Wind is set in the depression. When Josh passes a shoe store, he tries to buy a pair for Joey with the bill. All he is thinking about is food. Kensington, a dwarf man who befriends Josh. Living through the Great Depression has made Josh and Joey grow up very fast.

Josh became so sick that he fell and began to imagine that he was going to die. Then their teacher walks in the room astonished of how well they played the piano and banjo. Josh begins to make new friends at the carnival. After one hundred miles they could finally see the carnival.

No Promises in the Wind

Then Josh passed out. Lonnie, worried about Joey and sends postcards to Mary and Emily. Josh falls in love with Emily. Josh wants to buy Emily earrings for Christmas. Their fights have been getting worse and worse that it comes to a point where Josh decides it is time to leave.

Lonnie agrees to bring the boys to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and sets them up with a job at a carnival, run by a man named Peter Harris. He is the type of person who will work for what he receives, very hard-working.By Irene Hunt Historical Fiction Historical fiction is a story that has fictional characters, "Howie was a little late in joining me,".

The author clearly shows in this paragraph that No Promises in the Wind is written in first-person point of view. The story would change if it were written in a different point of view because, then the. Free Summary of No Promises in the Wind by Irene Hunt.

Complete Study Guide Including Character Descriptions, Study Questions, Chapter Summaries, and More by Start studying No Promises in the Wind: Character List.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Irene Hunt is the author of many distinguished books for young people. Her first novel, Across Five Aprils, was a Newberry Honor Book and received a Lewis Carroll Shelf Award.

For her second novel, Up a Road Slowly, /5(92). No Promises in the Wind () is a historical novel by Irene Hunt. This novel takes place in during the Great Depression.

The book is about growing up during the Great Depression - that meant growing up fast as young Josh soon learned. Plot summary. Josh's main talent lies in the piano, having been taught by his mint-body.comher: Follett. This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of No Promises In The Wind by Irene Hunt.

No Promises In The Wind Summary

No Promises in the Wind is a historical novel by Irene Hunt, first published in The novel takes place induring the Great Depression.

The changes in joshs character in promises in the wind a novel by irene hunt
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