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Ad-Hoc or Peer-to Peer Networking. The term wireless networking refers to technology that enables two or more computers to communicate using standard network protocols, but without network cabling.

Purpose of the Study Nations with advanced technological capabilities are gaining significant ground on other countries in terms of their expertise and the potential to generate considerable value for their residents. There are two kinds of wireless networks: Wireless technology has replaced face-to-face communications to an extent in millions of lives and has considerably enhanced the ability of users to correspond with each other across the globe.

Each computer with a wireless interface can communicate directly with all of the others. Each day, wireless networks are exposed to new threats due to advancement in technology. Access points used in home or small business networks are generally small, dedicated Term paper on wireless network devices featuring a built-in network adapter, antenna, and radio transmitter.

All of a sudden, consumers could purchase a cellular phone and communicate just about anywhere they wanted, including automobiles, restaurants, and shopping malls. Access points act as a central transmitter and receiver of WLAN radio signals. A large number of residents of industrialized nations are particularly dependent upon various forms of wireless technology to achieve their personal and professional goals in a variety of settings.

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Hardware access points offer comprehensive support of most wireless features, but check your requirements carefully. Wireless Security Threats Research Papers: An ad-hoc, or peer-to-peer wireless network consists of a number of computers each equipped with a wireless networking interface card. In addition, wireless technology is a key factor in the development of convenience, economies of scale, increased profitability, and enhanced productivity in all areas of life.

A LAN is useful for sharing devices or resources like files, printers, games, and applications. What is wireless networking? Get help writing a research paper on wireless security protocols by our professionals. As a result, many people have become extraordinarily dependent upon their use to manage such communications as telephone calls, emails, and schedules.

A wireless network can also use an access point, or base station. Finally, this study demonstrates that a significant body of research exists that confirms the increased significance of wireless technology in consumer attitudes as well as daily business practices.

The most common local area network is an Ethernet, a twisted-pair cable similar to an ordinary phone cable, LAN.

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Scope of the Study This study is based on a number of primary and secondary resources, including books, periodicals, and magazine articles, all of which are highly regarded in the technology world. As the demand for such technology has increased in recent years, firms that specialize in technology development have responded by providing a wide variety of products designed to improve daily living in both a personal and professional arena.

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Wireless Networking

The current buzzword however generally refers to wireless LANs. In this type of network the access point acts like a hub, providing connectivity for the wireless computers. Wireless Local Area Network WLAN "a local area network that uses high frequency radio signals to transmit and receive data over distances of a few hundred feet; uses Ethernet protocol" WordNet.

However, businesses and consumers alike recognize the importance and value of such technology in their daily lives; therefore, they are willing to sacrifice their disposable income and capital in order to maintain a communicative and competitive advantage in a complex global marketplace.Term paper on wireless network: Creative writing course singapore, September 11, September 11,Uncategorized, 0.

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Scribd is the world's largest social. Introduction Ad-Hoc Networks An ad-hoc network is a collection of wireless mobile nodes that will dynamically form a temporary network without the use of any existing network infrastructure.

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