Say no to gmo

It may also cause some genes to express themselves differently and unpredictably, giving rise, for example, to allergens or toxins. It has been proven and it is very simple, the GMOs contain chemicals that are not digested by human beings due to its altered state.

Given that we know about the existence of somecellular proteins including enzymes in the body, it is clear that some genes must code for more than one protein.

It allowed the scientists to think of strands of DNA, and the genes on them, like videotape or Lego bricks. Back to top Misconception 3: Biotech companies and pro-GM governments tell us that GM is the answer to food shortages in developing countries, as well being the most cost-effective way of producing cheap food for the developed world.

It is the public in Europe that represent the key opposition to GM—not the Say no to gmo. These are the few of the examples of labeling: They proposed that each gene within DNA coded for the production of a single protein or enzyme.

We have no idea what the consequences might be, but the existing evidence would suggest that widespread planting of GM crops poses a catalogue of potentially dire environmental risks. Back to top Misconception 2: Many developing countries have been at the forefront of resisting the shift to GM.

Food Allergic Reactions, Super viruses, Birth defects, shorter life span, lowered nutrition and many other diseases have to be prone with the usage of GMOs. In other words, they support the fundamental human right—the right to knowledge.

GM takes this capability away from subsistence farmers and makes them depend on a small handful of biotech companies for their seeds. It seems that the process of genetic engineering—where foreign DNA, often from a completely unrelated species—is forced into the DNA of a plant, making its DNA much less stable.

Labeling of Organic food has become mandatory in few of the countries like Australia and Japan. Back to top Misconception 5: There is mounting evidence that the EU will slowly move into line with the US, to increase the number of GM registrationsto increase the land area within Europe given over to GM crop cultivation, and slip ever greater amounts of GM into our food.

Anyone passionate about natural health has to say NO to GM. Although more and more countries are resisting increasing cultivation of GM, there is still enormous pressure from biotech companies which is being felt particularly at a governmental level.

Help people to understand why we are faced with pro-GM spin from governments, regulatory agencies, international regulatory bodies such as the Codex Alimentarius Commission and the World Trade Organization. At a global level, apart from the WTO from its pro-big corporate position as arbitrator over trade disputes, there is also considerable involvement of Codex.Say no to GMOs.

2, likes · 2 talking about this. To fight for the right to know what is in our foods. If we were properly informed consumers,I wager.

Jul 12,  · “Say No To GMO” is the message here.


But the message is difficult to spread to the public because our mainstream media is beholding to the corporations that support their stations in our communities.

Download either the new Non-GMO Shopping Tips brochure or redesigned Non-GMO Shopping Guide at to help you identify and avoid GM foods and hidden GM ingredients on food labels. If you have an iPhone, download the ShopNoGMO guide for free from the iTunes store.

Say "No" to GMOs! CCOF opposes the commercialization and use of genetically engineered (GE) crops and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) because of the threat they pose to organic growers and consumers.

GMO Basics. 10 Questions About GM Foods (pdfkb). 10 Reasons Why GM Won't Feed The World (pdfkb).

I say no to GMO, because I know Organic

GM Food: A Guide for the Confused - Clear answers to common questions about GMOs. Why GM Free? - All the reasons you need to Say No To GMOs!

Alliance for Natural Health International. Find out more About us; Our current Campaigns; look out for the No-GMO logo that’s going to be increasingly found on US produce once the initiative is launched later this year.

Say NO to GM

Anyone passionate about natural health has to say NO to GM. That means making sure you know what you’re eating and.

Say no to gmo
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