Save our planet

Your choices matter and directly impact the market for these goods. Children learn from those around them. Find a happy medium for house-hold goods, and if nothing else, make an effort to purchase goods and clothing that are made in sustainable ways, from companies who are mindful of what they produce and how.

We just love the stuff, and its versatility makes for a variety of products that are inexpensive, functional and beautiful and long-lasting. The mind of a child is a beautiful thing, and sometimes they come up with solutions and feel greater conviction to stop injustice than adults.

Read our review here instead of a loud, noxious gasoline grass-cutter. OR find your local shelter or organization and donate what you can. They last longer, improve indoor air quality and can even be self-watering. TreeHugger believes that if everyone comes together to make a couple small changes, we can make a big difference.

How much pollution and waste is created because of meat farming and production? Pick a cause to be mad about, and do something. This solves so many problems. The ride is better with other people anyways.

20 Simple Things You Can Do To Help Save Our Planet

Go to farmers markets, shop locally, and know where your food comes from. Be mindful of what you throw away.

Donate money to charities. Can it be donated? The dumpster should be the last resort. So much of what we use can be reused, and not just thrown away.

SEE can help your organization run and grow as a non-profit

Make it a place that future generations will be able to live in, too. Lead the way wherever you are, and take responsibility for your impact on this one place that we have to live.SEE can help your organization run and grow as a non-profit.

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Teach young people the importance of treating our environment with care and that we CAN make a difference. In fact, we HAVE to make a difference and QUICKLY.

If we don’t teach our children that what we do DIRECTLY affects the planet, things will never change. Saving Our Planet INFORMATION, TRAINING AND VIDEOS ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE, INSPIRING ALL TO WORK TOGETHER TO SAVE THE PLANET Our mission is to inspire, energize and enable the entire community of humans to work together to save the planet, and to convince world leaders to make the fight against climate.

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Instead, there are simple things you can start doing right now to save our planet. We here at Bright Side have already started doing some of them. Join us!

Save our planet
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