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The goal is to present a coherent essay with a clear argument. There is no right or wrong answer to a reader response. Did the text communicate with you?

Of course, be aware that some texts are not meant to be entertainment or art--a news report or textbook, for instance, may be neither entertaining or artistic, but may still be important and successful.

Please just staple your papers in the upper left hand corner. Your first draft is just that, and you should expect to re-write your work several times before you consider it completed. You need to edit your paper multiple times to be a successful writer. Dido comes to life brilliantly in this book, so much that she outshines Aeneas.

Why or why not? How well did you enjoy the text or not as entertainment or as a work of art? Be very careful to avoid plagiarism.

Your "critique" can and should be positive and praise the text if possible, as well as pointing out problems, disagreements and shortcomings. If not, who does or did the text serve? As a scholar you stand in judgment over the text. But, always beware, as a beginning scholar, of criticizing any text as "confusing" or "crazy," since readers might simply conclude that you are too ignorant or slow to understand and appreciate it!

How does it address things that are important to your family, your community, your ethnic group, to people of your economic or social class or background, or your faith tradition? While epithets are poetically necessary to fill out a meter, a good poet will use them to add to his work.

Analyze the characterization of Dido, pointing out the many literary devices that Virgil uses When quoting or citing from the documents or your textbook, simply put author and page numbers in parenthesis.

Is he responsible for her death? As a beginning scholar, if you write that something has nothing to do with you or does not pass your "Who cares? Reading and writing "critically" does not mean the same thing as "criticizing," in everyday language complaining or griping, fault-finding, nit-picking.

Instead, take a systematic, analytical approach to the text. Did it pass the "Who cares? Gorn, 52 or Jones, In each of these cases, do not simply criticize, but give examples. Virgil is fond of the language of the hunt. How much does the text agree or clash with your view of the world, and what you consider right and wrong?

Use quotes or examples to illustrate the quality of the text as art or entertainment. Would you exclude this passage from the Aeneid, and why?Odyssey and Aeneid; Odyssey and Aeneid.

WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON Similes also deepens the response on an emotional level, they can create more disgust, evoke more pity and increase the levels of horror. Close shaves can also be used to hint to the reader that a climatic moment is coming up and so keeps the reader reading.

Why does Virgil end the Aeneid, a national epic, with a dark, gloomy description of the death of Turnus, the Trojans's major mortal enemy? Previous Full Glossary for The Aeneid.

Full Glossary for The Aeneid; Essay Questions Practice Projects Cite this Literature Note.

Odyssey and Aeneid

- The Aeneid The Aeneid begins and ends with parallels to the Iliad, inviting the reader to consider Virgil's poetry in light of Homer's. The Aeneid is both a tribute to the Homeric style--by imitating it-. Essays and criticism on Virgil's Aeneid - Suggested Essay Topics.

Would you exclude this passage from the Aeneid, Toward whom is the reader’s sympathy drawn? 2. Virgil is fond of the. The scope of the Aeneid can be paralleled to the scope of the Oresteia of Aeschylus, which explores the origins The Women of Virgil's Aeneid Maryana Lyakhovetsky The Aeneid.

Virgil's Aeneid details the trials and tribulations of Aeneas and the Trojan people en route to Italy from Troy. Reader reponse to the Aeneid Essay by fortun21, University, Bachelor's, A+, April download word file, 2 pages download word file, 2 pages 6 votes/5(6).

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