Punishment or extremism essay

Yet, describing the level of commitment to a particular belief is not what those who decry extremism have in mind. America has been engaged in a war against extreme Islamic terrorists ever since.

In the end, the problem does not lie with how devoted one is to his beliefs. Whereas the concept of jihad is almost exclusively contained in the Muslim scriptures, arguments against abortion and homosexuality are found in most cultures.

This was merely one of three attacks that year. Americans have on several occasions felt the violence of extremist Muslim groups. First, both religions have scriptures that their adherents interpret differently. It is still debated as to how many millions of Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, and handicapped people he killed.

There is literally no separation between Mosque and State in Sharia law; they are one and the same. For the Muslim who believes these propositions to be true, there lies a very strong motivation to engage in combative jihad.

This leaves very little room for those who are not Muslims to exist.

Death penalty should be abolished - Essay Example

Pro-choice groups, same-sex marriage advocacy groups, and many anti-religious organizations view the above moral positions to be extreme, and many lump them together with Muslim jihadists as though these positions pose a threat to society.

Religious propositions are the same as any other propositions; that is, they are either true or they are false. He rested his movement on the teachings of Christ and the promises made in the Declaration of Independence.

Being extremely devoted to a religion does not necessarily make one a danger to society. There are at least three problems with the above juxtaposition of the extreme Christian ethic and Islamic jihad.

However, these are not major sects of Christianity. The communist purges specifically targeted religious leaders and citizens. The idiosyncratic nature of such beliefs is especially evident when the violent act is performed by an individual. In the same way, just because one does not believe in God, it does not follow that his beliefs will benefit humanity.

Thus, liberals and moderates teach that Islam is a religion of peace, and that violence has no place in it. However, this type of religiously-fueled violence also manifests itself with some groups. More specifically, is all this evidence that the more committed one is to Islam, the more likely he is to commit violence.

Second, by what measuring rod should one determine his devotion to his religion? Shannon Holzer 7 In the current geo-political climate, many express a fear of religious extremism. With that in mind, those who are devoted to the liberal or moderate form of Islam are less likely than their conservative counterparts to participate in combative jihad.

For instance, the Christian teaching of mercy is consistent over time and location, and it does not depend on who interprets the scriptures. Their violence has been highlighted by the recent public beheadings of several of their western captives.

According to this, jihad is only justified when it is a defensive war. This type of extremism does not seem so bad.Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays.

Is the death penalty moral? What do religious groups say?

Published: Mon, 5 Dec Joerg Haider and Jean-Marie Le. Today, some people see torture as an efficient form of punishment; they believe it is especially necessary in the treatment of terrorist captives or prisoners for the purpose of extracting information. Ethics of Corporal Punishment and Children Nadine Robinson PHI – Mind and Machine Instructor Lisa Linkin July 4, In this essay I am going to clarify the meaning of corporal punishment, identify with the ethics of corporal punishment and children, spanking vs.

time out, infliction of pain without injury, and discuss the moral. Argumentative Essay How to write an Argumentative Essay: Outline, Structure, Format, Examples, Topics How to write an argumentative essay? The leading tone in an argumentative essay is the position of proving that the presented point of view is the correct one and possesses more truthful arguments than any other opinions.

He argued against the use of capital punishment in an essay titled “Christians and the Death Penalty,” in the journal’s August/September edition. Free Essays words | ( pages) | Preview The Sudan and Terrorism - The current government of Sudan led by the Arab leader Omar el-Bashir can be blamed for the terror and conflict that enveloped Sudan in the last decades.

Punishment or extremism essay
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