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Brago asked me and Jen to be at the DFA press lobby at I think, based on my realization, voice recorder is needed when having an interview. Our trainer wants us to write at least one article per day from the DFA press releases, public advisories or news from Philippine Embassies.

Ojt journal in adamson trainer told me that timeliness is one Ojt journal in adamson important element in a broadsheet like Star. All of the employee in the Municipality of Malilipot were very easy to get along with, especially our training supervisor she made us feel welcome and comfortable during our OJT in her office.

Even before I made my decision, I am already aware of their distinctions. One of my favorite part of it was when our agency conducted an overseas interview and I helped in organizing and guiding applicants with their requirements and it just felt i was part of their success especially when i heard that everybody was accepted.

It was a bit hard to transcribe on the spot. I can now see the difference between the two in terms of training styles. The guard instead, requested us to just wait for our trainer inside the media corps room, and there I saw the area where the press conferences of Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario are being held.

Sadly, the invitation indicated one reserved seat. Brago arrived, we rode a cab going to Mandarin Hotel in Makati. Brago asked us to write an article that will be submitted evening of the same day. She also told us to read a page-evaluation book containing the 6 projects of EC to aid the Philippines.

Brago was there, we were at home covering the wedding on TV and researching some information regarding the event. Brago asked us to write a news article, to be submitted evening of the same day. Since we did not witness the interview and the press conference itself, Ms.

Our trainer also spent time to give us piece of advice based on her own experiences. My trainer said that the evaluation event of the organization is important since it talks about the budget and improvement. I also learned that management is very important it resembles respect for others and good image for me as an employee.

On my way home, I was already reading my notes and looking for my focus.

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The next day, we went to US Embassy to cover the official opening of its new annex building. Others may think that I am lucky with my training organization; but I do believe that alternative media and mainstream media have their own advantages and style.

Reflection Paper Our OJT in Municipality of malilipot was been a great experience of my life, not only i had the chance to worked with other people but also i learned so much not just in the work field but also things about my self.

Even so, we are still required to pass an article for our daily submission. That is our regular meeting place. After the presentation, many personalities from different organizations and embassies gave their comments, suggestions and questions regarding the accountability of the program.

My trainer asked me to observe and do what the press people will do. I just felt good s person to help out one another. One distinction he mentioned was the time. My trainer borrowed one recorded press conference which I assumed she missed because of a conflict in her schedule.

Deadline of article for that event was 7 pm of the same day. Brago Mondays to Fridays depending on her fieldwork schedule.


That very moment, I felt confused on whether or not I should go for The Philippine Star, the internship organization I wished to pursue since 2nd year. It was organized by the Retirement and Healthcare Coalition and the Philippine Retirement Authority that will promote the Philippines as a haven and second home destination for foreign retirees.

I guess they considered the event big not really because the happening was crucial, but because of the mere fact that US Embassy is considered as a prominent embassy here in the country. Standing outside the hall was the chairman of the RHC.

It was more of deskwork. It was attended by quite numerous media people. After the rewritings, she will give us our articles that are already edited by her for comparison.BUCS-BSIT Practicum/OJT DAILY JOURNAL Oct 17, REFLECTION:) One of the pre-requisite of a graduating student is to undergo an On-the-Job Training.

This is where a student can experience the ambiance of a workplace where they can practice and apply the knowledge and skills they have incurred during their academic days. ADAMSON UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADIMINISTRATION ON-THE-JOB TRAINING JOURNAL AND REPORT at Manila Diamond Hotel In Partial Fulfillment of The requirements for.

Importance of On the Job Training On-the-Job-Training or OJT is a job training that occurs in the work place. It has many advantages, but it can also have a few disadvantages if the OJT is not planned and executed properly. Week two of OJT journal would be very short since we had 3-day holy week break.

Interns were not expected to write and pass their articles. On Monday, we were asked to do a research and a story about the growing issue of drug trafficking. Drug syndicates are using the Filipino workers in bringing illegal drugs abroad in exchange for money.

OJT Journals

The following table shows the top 10 projected occupations, in size, for this sector through It also shows the educational requirements and OJT requirements for these top-sized occupations.

The mint-body.com training directory provides a listing of the state-by-state training providers that can fulfill your on-the-job training requirements. DAILY JOURNAL MARCH 31, · In my first day of ojt, we orient by the head manager of marketing department mint-body.com and he orient what are the do’s and don’t’s in marketing department.

He introduce the other staff’s, supervisor’s, and associate manager in the department.

Ojt journal in adamson
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