Load sheding in pakistan essay

Even we have big resources of coal and gas as well but still not producing the thermal energy for the sake of electricity production. All this free electricity is being wasted on numerous air conditioners or selling to other rich people.

I challenge that I can resolve electricity load-shedding issue in one year if I become minister or high official of ministry of power.

Pakistan is an atomic power but still not producing atomic energy in vast scale. If the government takes strict action against those who steal electricity then half the problem of power shortages would be solved. Similarly other responsible authorities concerned with load-shedding are not attending their phones.

He told that senior officers are Load sheding in pakistan essay 7, units and more free electricity per month. The government then again been poor and especially unlikely in managing the issue and at first, they depended on the rental power plants which expanded the cost of the electricity and the weight was being made on the shoulders of the nearby people which were not done.

If we are really sincere to eliminate shortage of electricity than we have to build more and more dams on our main rivers of Pakistan.

Load shedding has become the major problem of our nation which they are facing from last few years due to the electricity shortage.

Only government can not control the shortage but nation should also have to contribute in it too. This burden is then passed on to the end consumers in terms of higher prices or excessive amounts of load shedding.

First and the major reason lake of rains as well as lake of dams. Energy shortage is the result of the power demand and supply gap. There are various suggestions from across the broad to make power theft a non bailable offence; however nothing has been done in regard to such suggestions.

It signifies the inefficient law and order situation of the country as the government knowing who the thieves are still does nothing to catch them. At introduce, Pakistan is creating indirect 14, megawatts of electricity while the utilization which is consistently expanding because of the requirements and the high populace of the nearby people has achieved 20, megawatts so the shortfall of megawatts is the fundamental and wet significant purpose behind this load shedding.

So the only way out for Pakistan is to find other sources of energy generation. You will be able to get more and detailed information soon from this site. When the circular debts reach their peak the government intercepts by increasing the subsidy given to the power companies.

Load Shedding in Pakistan

The Markets are running wheel of economic cycle but due to Load shedding the government has imposed a rule to close every market on 8: Here below some points has been mentions about solved the electricity problem.

Our annually production of electricity is less than the usage. Essay On Load Shedding in Pakistan Problem and Solutions Essay On Load Shedding Pakistan has god gifted natural resources and 7th Atomic Power of world, but unfortunately due to bad decisions and lack of political management Pakistan has been suffering huge amount of Load shedding.

Essay on Load shedding in Karachi Pakistan Continue Reading The dissent of load shedding has been made everywhere throughout the nation in which different fanatic and savage people have even squandered a great deal of national property of people and government which has been the risk to the law and order circumstance of the state.

Natural gas always seemed to be in abundance in the country however in recent times the country has surprisingly faced natural gas shortages too.

Essay on Load shedding in Pakistan (Rolling Blackout)

The central government of Pakistan needs to manage this issue on high need premise since this load shedding of electricity is one of most destructive obstruction in the middle of the development and achievement of Pakistan. There are many reasons behind this load shedding in Pakistan.

Our power grid stations can not provide well electricity service to our public because our public ratio is increasing day by day across 18 crore. People of advanced countries cannot imagine to live in such circumstances for a single day. Electricity is thought to be a standout among st the most significant and essential need for maintaining any business and industry and its shortfall has marked the national economy.Essay On Load Shedding in Pakistan Problem and Solutions, There are plenty of resources for Essay On Load shedding by using proper means you can easily proper Load shedding Essay and also Paragraph On Load shedding.

Electricity load shedding in Pakistan has increased manifold. Minister of water and power Raja Pervaiz Ashraf assured that electricity load shedding would be done according to time schedule. He assured that electricity load shedding will finish by the end of the year.

Basically Pakistan is a agricultural country most of Pakistan economy depend on its agriculture Due to load shedding, water problem damaged the mint-body.com are many other aspect through which load shedding effect on agriculture.

´╗┐Essay Load Shedding (self created problem) The electricity load shedding in Pakistan would have not been a big problem to cope with but its made much bigger by adopting the defective policies.

Essay on Load shedding in Karachi Pakistan

Load Shedding in Pakistan Electricity is in short supplyin Pakistan, and as a result electric loadshedding, breakdown, power outages, fluctuations, blackouts, etc, are a common feature in the country.5/5(1). In Pakistan we are facing that shortage of electricity and load shedding problem since last ten years.

All the businessman, traders and many of the big industries owners have to destroy their work due to that load shedding problems.

Load sheding in pakistan essay
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