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Hamlet has ample time to confess the cause of his madness. Unfortunately, Hamlet allows his mother to think he is madly in love rather than tell the truth. In the first Act, Claudius and Gertrude question Hamlet s depression.

Inevitably, it cost the lives of many others as well. Throughout the play Hamlet is deeply hurt by his mother s decision to remarry his uncle. In this scenario that calls for Essay of flaw decisive behavior, Hamlet is too busy thinking.

Although Hamlet seemed to be superior in all other characteristics, his one flaw cost him his life. Hamlet s inability to act on his father s murder, his mother s marriage, and his uncle assuming of the thrown are all evidence of his tragic flaw of procrastination.

Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder demands the ghost in Act I, Scene 5, line He is unsure if he should act upon getting the title or if it will just end up in his hands however the Ambition in him pushes him towards taking action. The church was against the wedding from the start and would side with Hamlet.

While Hamlet is suppressing his feelings, he becomes more enraged at their attempts to calm him. At the beginning of the play Ambition is a protrusive characteristic of Macbeth, and leads to his first murder.

If Hamlet could have taken immediate action, many deaths could have been avoided. Although Hamlet succeeds in his quest for revenge, his procrastination proves to be his flaw in every event.

After Hamlet delivers his play and sees guilt in his uncle, Gertrude sends for Hamlet. Instead of Hamlet denouncing his mother s wedding and the crowning of his uncle, he is silent. Macbeth Tragic Flaw Essay We have so large base of authors that we can prepare a unique summary of any book.

Unfortunately, Hamlet decides to speak to his mother instead, thus putting Hamlet in an emotional state of mind and giving Claudius time to regroup.

During the play, Claudius shouts "Give me some light. Instead of doing physical damage to his mother, he insist on her confession. Although Hamlet knows something is wrong in Denmark, he begins to question everything that the ghost has told him.

Many consequences can arise when one procrastinates. An example of this is found in Shakespeare s Hamlet through the depiction of the central character.

The king was in a venerable state and could have been easily dethroned. Following this fight scene Macbeth is confronted by Macduff. Fleance escapes, and makes it still possible for the prophecy to be completed.

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Through Macbeth, Macbeth is fueled by a secret agenda. However the fear still subsides and perhaps transforms into something much worse that leads Macbeth to his demise. How fast would you like to get it?This essay examines that flaw and the critical perspective on it.

Robert D. Murray, Jr. in “Thought and Structure in Sophoclean Tragedy” gives the perspective of the Greek audience, and thereby the reason why there has to be a tragic flaw in Sophoclean tragedy: “A Greek of the fifth century would, of course, have felt.

Tragic Flaws Of Othello Essay Words | 5 Pages. Jealousy and Gullibility: The Devastating Flaws of Othello “The tragic flaw is the most important part of the hero and the events that occur in the work is a reflection of that flaw.”.

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Macbeth Essay A tragic flaw is a characteristic present in the main character of every Shakespearean tragedy.

Through Macbeth, Macbeth is fueled by a secret agenda. A Perfect Flaw; A Perfect Flaw MAG. By Tina L., Fairfax, VA.

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Essay of flaw
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