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Here can be found family readiness questions, family building activities, family applications, and additional resources they suggest to help the family further their growth. But he had his kids help him, so they learned the skills also. Although the case made over six chapters for this particular redemptive process was admittedly convincing on an instinctual level, the lack of empirical data, statistical evidence or scientific proof was disconcerting to say the least.

Perhaps suggesting the use of business practices in the home stems from the growing trend of American churches to emulate the business community. Beginning with children and progressing throughout childhood, Pipes and Lee do a masterful job of instructing their readers on how to lead their children to Christ and how to model their faith for their children p.

She may not have called it a mission by title but, it was important for her and my father to equip us as their children and a Saints of God. The authors concluding chapters teach the readers about ministry evangelism through witnessing to their neighbors, community and friends. We must be mission driven within our families just as we are in the business world.

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Pipes is also president of Jerry Pipes Productions. The Sixth study for the class would be to share how parents can mentor their children.

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Leaving A Lasting Legacy. Those parents should expect to successfully pass their faith on to their children and also have an impact for Christ in their community and beyond.

I can remember desperately wanting to make sure I carried Jesus with me in my heart daily. We used Proverbs A professional writer for 22 years, Lee entered vocational ministry in For example, when Pipes and Lee claim that the adult figure with whom a child spends the majority of their time with -- gymnastics instructor, baseball coach, or aunt will naturally exert the highest level of influence on him or her,4 this assertion would seem to warrant a certain level of evidentiary support.

After a few more days of waiting on the ship, the storm let up and they realized the ship Book review family to family essay stuck between two rocks. There is more to raising a family and passing on the faith of the parents to their children than a brief statement of purpose.

Few of them go to the lengths that Pipes and Lee have to provide actual Family Readiness Questions that are both helpful and relevant to the material covered. Yet as I cried from hearing about Jesus dying on the cross for me and everyone else she and my father comforted me.

In reading this book I feel that today, there are so many non-believers who could benefit from the teaching principles in this book. After weeks of being thrown around relentlessly, the crew took off on all the life rafts, and they left the family abandoned. Pipes and Lee lay out a plan in six chapters where parents can pass on their faith to their children and reverse the trend of them leaving the church upon turning More importantly, I would have like to see more information at the beginning of the book to ensure that the parents understand their relationship with Christ and the direct affect in relation to their children.

Beginning with Healthy Families in Chapter One and concluding with sharing the message in Chapter Six, Pipes and Lee provide and outline filled with helpful tips and ideas on how families can grow closer together and reaches their community and the world for Jesus Christ.

From an organizational perspective, the book is arranged into six highly informative chapters -- 1 Healthy Families; 2 Developing a Mission Statement; 3 Passing the Baton; 4 Out of the House, Into the World; 5 Out of Your World, Into the Church; and 6 Sharing the Message -- with each chapter offering proactive advice for families struggling to reconcile their naturally selfish tendencies with their inherent love for one another.

As extra time becomes available find another family activity to be done together. Scripture verses are suggested that can be used to further the Family Application suggestions.

This is important as they acknowledge that not all families have both parents in the home although that is certainly preferred. Concrete Response This book reminded me of how my parents have and continued to walk talk and demonstrate Jesus Christ in my life. She asked me some specific questions to be reassured that I was ready to except Christ for myself.

These similarities arise out of necessity for reasons mostly related to the tax code. We as parents have to be willing to stop and stand for something within our families. Concrete Response From a personal perspective one of the most compelling sections of the book concerned the concepts of teaching and learning, as Pipes and Lee reveal that children learn as much from subtle absorption of behavior exhibited by others as they do from formal instruction in the educational setting.

He pushed them to keep working, but at the same time, he made it seem like an adventure.What this handout is about This handout will help you write a book review, a report or essay that offers a critical perspective on a text.

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DUGAN (ID# L) FEBRUARY 26, LIBERTY UNIVERSITY LYNCHBURG, VA ABSTRACT Family values are dissolving to some while others are saying that the values are just changing. One. Abstract. Family to Family is a book written by the author Dr. Jerry Pipes and Victor Lee. Dr. Pipes is a leader with the North American Mission Board.

View this book report on Review of Family to Family by Pipes and Lee. After earning his Doctor of Ministry from Luther Rice Seminary Dr Jerry Pipes dedicated. 4mat Book Review Essay; 4mat Book Review Essay. Words May 29th, 6 Pages. 4-MAT Book Review: Susan A.

Wheelan Knox Capre Essay on 4Mat Book Review Family to Family Words | 8 Pages. Abstract Family to Family is a book written by the author Dr. Jerry Pipes and Victor Lee.

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