Analysis of an arundel tomb

I suggest for further reading Abbey Tomb by Patricia Beer as it deals with the same theme, but is also slightly comic aswell.

It is entirely due to the work of the sculptor that the love gesture of the earl and the countess can speak across the ages.

Analysis of Poem

By this time, the Movement poets had all developed in different ways. However, in addition, to this consider what Larkin is saying about art and how interpreation is down to the "audience" in its many forms.

England after World War II This attitude of caution, coupled with emotional reserve, may in part be attributable to the times in which the Movement appeared. In spite of the ringing affirmation of the final line, the case for love has not been fully proved.

This detail is all that the modern observer notices. Second Stanza With further observation the speaker considers the style plain, typical of the sculpture of the pres, until ha-ha, what is this?

I think the backbone and sturdiness of love can be represented by the iambic pentameter being conveyed throughout even during the breakup in structure in the 5th stanza which represnts the weathering of the Analysis of an arundel tomb and of love itself.

After studying this hard ready for my exam on it tomorrow i think i will add my viewpoint to this poem. The speaker of the poem regards this detail as out of place, almost to the point of absurdity, although he gives no reason for this impression. Many parts of the poem can also have two meanings - very clever.

The lists of images then employed to capture this passage of time are put together with tremendous skill. We can come to this conclusion as the detail that was simple "thrown off" by the sculptor - their holding hands - is now the quality which "survives However, he shakes this up in places with certain words being reversed so they are trochaic, therefore tum ti tum ti, with the emphasis on the first syllable.

Note the use of the word washing which implies cleaning, cleansing of. It might also be called one of the truly great love poems of the twentieth century.

Themes Love The theme of love is first hinted at in the last two lines of the second stanza, in which it is revealed that the earl and his wife are depicted as holding hands.

If a child seems to be extremely interested in the ultimate plot of the poem, then it is worth encouraging them by exposing them to other books on the subject matter of insects.

In this latter view. The little details Larkin mentions reveal a shift in attitude between their time and his, between the age of the earl and countess, and the modern age. Several points in this poem mark the romance between the earl and countess to be a fallacy. Online College Education is now free!

An Arundel Tomb by Philip Larkin

But inpoet Robert Conquest produced New Lines, an anthology that represented all the Movement poets. All these things point to the poem being less about love and more about people making their of definitions of history.

Analysis of An Arundel Tomb

Sparknotes bookrags the meaning summary overview critique of explanation pinkmonkey. However in the fourth stanza it looks to me that Larkin is simply contrasting two aspects.

The next line suggests that the holding of hands may have been merely an added touch by the sculptor who was commissioned to create the effigies. Similarly damning is the phrase, The air would change to soundless damage.

They may have believed that the image of faithfulness between them the hand-holding was just a small detail that might attract the attention of friends.‘An Arundel Tomb: The Monument’ in the Otter Memorial Paper No. 1, published by the Chichester Institute. 2 A great deal has also been written about the poem itself, including – in the same publication – an analysis of the poem by Paul Foster.


The Tomb of the Baker The Tomb of Eurysaces the Baker is an impressive and peculiar ancient tomb in Rome dating back to around 30BC. The tomb was built by a former slave named Marcus Vergilius Eurysaces, who made his fortune as a baker and contractor.

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An Arundel Tomb by Philip Larkin- Analysis Philip Larkin's poem "An Arundel Tomb" was published inin his collection of poems entitled, The Whitsun Weddings. The poem comprises of seven verses with six lines each, and follows the rhyming pattern of abbcac.

An Arundel Tomb

Essay analysis on "An Arundel Tomb" The poem 'An Arundel Tomb' written by Phillip Larkin illustrates the relationship between two forms found on a tomb.

This poem shows the 'lies' love can tell, and the falseness of how their relationship is portrayed. In 'An Arundel Tomb', there is a couple on a marble effigy are holding hands, which prompts him to muse on the themes of love, death & the passing of time.

‘An Arundel Tomb’, by Philip Larkin, is written to preserve the image portrayed by a sculpture located on a tomb in Arundel. The poet uses this poem to convey the feelings, which the sight of this tomb induces for him.

The whole poem itself is describing how an idea or identity in history is .

Analysis of an arundel tomb
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