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Also, the unique opinion on using modern technology and medicine, leading a plain style of life, having personal thoughts on family issues become controversial, since rejecting the progress has some degree of advantages, like remaining healthy, and disadvantages, like restraining themselves from useful items or techniques.

Annually, the Amish culture essay example people plant some agricultural crops the type of it depends on the seasonand all family members help with tending, cultivation, and harvesting. Most common is the indulgence in first time use of modern fast cars, rock and rap music. At the same time, everything from aforesaid list has nothing to do with the Amish people Hairston et al.

They will then be reprimanded by church officials but if the offense is considered to be severe, then the individual must confess publicly before the church.

Their simplistic choice of clothing also ensures that they do heat much given that they spend so much time on farms. The Kinship Issues among the Amish People Since the Amish society is of a closed type, every community can be considered as a big whole family.

Since the church is a central force in the Amish society, being shunned by the church implies being shunned by the entire society, which could only make future life of the victim even harder hence most youth will after Rumspringa, comply with the expectations of the society by getting married and thereafter, be baptized.

The internet on the other hand, is considered to influence youth in the wrong way and Amish elders restrict the entrance and spread of the internet in the Amish society. The Amish subculture is known for its conservative culture, and this implies that their reliance on traditional gender roles is almost unrivalled.

The occupation that most Amish people desire is agriculture, and everyone in this culture is integrated into the agricultural life early enough. The biggest percentage of Amish youth usually take part in activities that grant them full freedom for the first time in their lives but they do so within socially and morally accepted boundaries of the family and the church.

Such way of thinking only has positive sides, since young people feel their own freedom of choice. Since the whole culture is based on the plain style of living and strict sticking to religious rules, a lot of things modern people take for granted are forbidden or disapproved in the community.

Greaves indicates that out of every five youth, four often choose to return to the Amish society and there after live under the directions of the church.

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During Rumspringa, youth feel less obliged to explain their behaviors to parents. For instance, the use of cell phones is considered to create loop holes in the community by linking people of the Amish culture with the outside world; which goes against the cultural stipulations of the Amish society which intends to remain isolated from the other communities.

Even though youth have a choice between joining the church and staying away from it after Rumspringa, the Amish society naturally compels them to join the larger community of believers. From this point of view, one cannot say for sure that every single person among the Amish people behave under their standard rules.

When an Amish youth refuses to join the church after Rumspringa, there are higher chances Amish culture essay example interacting closely with the media.

Up to eighty percent of the Amish youth do come back and rejoin the church and undertake community activities Shachtman 9. On the other hand, the Amish culture does not stay absolutely closed for some new technologies.

Many parties are held on weekends in deserted and semi-deserted locations and are attended by a large percentage of Amish youth in their teenage years. In many ways, such culture organization is a good one, because every Amish person is always sure that the whole community will do everything to help solve his or her problem once it appears.The Amish Research Paper Sample Posted on April 16, by EssayShark Whenever one mentions countries that are most advanced, America definitely comes to mind.

Amish Culture essays During "the radical reformation" in sixteenth century Europe, Luther and Calvin were in favor of different ideas of individual freedom. Believers in Luther and Calvin's reform took these ideas and came to their own conclusions.

These ideas were much different th. Amish Rumspringa Essay Sample. For instance, the use of cell phones is considered to create loop holes in the community by linking people of the Amish culture with the outside world; which goes against the cultural stipulations of the Amish society which intends to remain isolated from the other communities.

Elders of the Amish society. The Amish are considered to be somewhat different compared to other societies in today’s world. The Amish culture is based on Christian beliefs and they follow the teachings of the Jesus Christ and the Bible in everything that they do.

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